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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Describe your ideal house. Please say - Where do you want the house to be? - What should it look like? - How many people should it accommodate?

My ideal house would be in the suburbs of my home town.
It would be far away from the noise and pollution of the city
But at the same time it should be near enough to enjoy all facilities that cities provide.
So, in a way it would be midway between the rural and urban setting.
It would look very beautiful.
It would not be very big. It would be easily manageable. I mean the constructed area would just enough for a small family.
If my family grows then I would add rooms on the first floor. So, it would be able to accommodate as many family members as choose to live with me.
I would like to keep it spic and span. If it is very big, I would not be able to do so.
I would have a lawn in the front which would always be full of greenery and colourful flowers.
I would also love to have a kitchen garden in the backyard where I would grow seasonal vegetables and a lemon and papaya tree.
The kitchen would have all modern fittings and gadgets which make cooking easy.
The living room would have a big TV which I would like to watch with my family.
I do not believe in having TVs in the bedrooms because it makes people isolated.
Last but not least, my ideal house would be very welcoming and full of warmth.
Everybody would feel welcome there.
I would love to live in perfect harmony with my family members.

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