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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Guess work - cue cards for Sept 2012

Important cue cards for September and October ( For some sample answers visit
Cue Card
Talk about a holiday or vacation you spent in a group of other people. Please say
- How was it?
- Where was it?
- What was so nice about it?
Talk about your favorite movie. Please say
- What movie is that?
- What is it about?
- Why do you like it?
- How does it make you feel?
Describe what kind of exercises people do in your country.
- What exactly do they do?
- Where do they usually do it?
- Why do they do these particular exercises?
Describe an item you would buy if you received a large amount of money. Pleases say:
- What is it?
- Why would you buy it?
- How would you feel about buying this item?
Describe a sporting event that you enjoyed watching. Please say:
- What was the event?
- Where did you watch it?
- Whom did you watch it with?
- Why did you enjoy watching it?
Describe a present you have given to someone recently. Please say:
- What was it?
- Why did you choose it?
- How did the person feel about it?
Talk about science subjects that you learned in high school. Please say
- What subjects did you learn?
- Did you like any of these subjects?
- Describe your teachers.
Describe an event of history that you remember.
Talk about your leisure time. Please say
- Where do you spend it?
- Whom do you spend it with?
- Do you enjoy spending it this way?
A TV program you watch regularly
-    What is the program
-    At what time it is telecast
-    Why you like it
Describe your first day in college, university or a new job.
Describe a happily married couple that you know. Please say
- Who are they?
- How did you meet them?
- Why do you think they are so happy?
What means of transportation would you choose for yourself: a car, a motorcycle or a bicycle? Explain why you would prefer this particular option.
What kind of vehicle would you like to buy in the future?
- Why would you like to you use it?
-    With whom do you use it?
Describe a birthday party that you or your friend threw. Please say
- When was the party?
- Who was invited to the party?
- What did you enjoy at the party the most?
- What was so interesting there?
Describe your neighbour that you once had.
A team, club or group you joined
Talk about a famous person in your country. Please say:
- Who is he/she?
- What is he/she doing?
- Why is he/she so famous?
What job would you like to do?
-    What skills do you need in that job?
-    Why do you like that job?
Cue Card
Talk about the most difficult thing that you have done recently. Please say
- What was it?
- What skills did you need to do it?
- Why was it important to you to finish this task?
Describe a journey which you made as a child
Describe a beautiful place of nature that you want to visit. Please say
- Where is it?
- Whom are you going with?
- What can you see there?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Writing memories - 9th August 2012

Essay 9th August
Whether or not someone achieves aim in their life is mostly a question of luck. Do you agree or disagree?
Graph – Column graph – Area of land in million hectares damaged by overgrazing, crop farming, tree cutting, in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe

Monday, July 23, 2012

Speaking memories - 23rd July 2012

1.    What is your full name?
2.    Do you work or study?
3.    Why you chose these subjects?
4.    What would you like to do after completing your study?
5.    Did you draw in your childhood?
6.    Do you draw nowadays?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sample answers for speaking memories of 20th July 2012

1.     What government should do for these lakes?
The government should do many things for these lakes. The government should spend money to maintain these places. The government should impose some rules and regulations for tourists so that they don’t litter the place. There should be strict fine for those who violate these rules. There should be dust bins at regular intervals. Government should have a nominal fee for visitors which can be used for the upkeep of the lakes. The government can promote these lakes as places for tourism through the media.
2.     What are the water sports?
There are many water sports such as swimming, boating, canoeing, rafting, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, surfing, fishing and rowing.
3.     Why people choose these sports?
People choose these sports because these sports are great fun. Some of these sports are full of adventure such as SCUBA diving and white-water rafting.
4.     What are the sports which you can play near the water?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Speaking memories 20th July 2012

Intro questions
1.    What is your full name?
2.    Where are you from?
3.    Do you live in a house or an apartment?
4.    May i see your ID?
Cue card
Lake or Sea or beach in your country or from foreign country
where it is 
when you went there
with whom you went there
why you liked it 
what is there to do
Follow ups
1.    What government should do for these lakes?
2.    What are the water sports?
3.    Why people choose these sports?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Speaking memories 5- 3rd July 2012

1.    What is your full name?
2.    What can I call you?
3.    Where do you come from?
4.    Do you live in a house or apartment?
5.    What is your best meal – dinner or lunch?
6.    What is the importance of breakfast?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Advertisement Essays

Advertisement essays added on

Speaking memories 4 - 1st July 2012

1.What is your full name?
2.Do you work or study?
3.What are you studying?
4.How long have you been studying in senior secondary?
5.What types of photographs are there on the walls of your house?
6.What kind of photographs you like to take?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Speaking memories 3 - 1st July 2012

Interview questions...
1.What is your full name..?
2.Where do you live..?
3.Do you work or study..?
4 In which field of study you are..?
5.From how long have you been in this stream...?
6.What are your future plans after completing your studies..?
7.Do you think there is scope in your field..?

Saturday, June 30, 2012

For ideas to speak on the latest cue cards visit

Friday, June 29, 2012

Speaking memories 2 - 29th June 2012

1.    May I know your name?
2.    Where are you from?
3.    Are you working or studying?
4.    Why you chose this line?
5.    How often do you draw now?
6.    Did you learn drawing in childhood?
7.    What is the benefit of drawing for children and adults?
8.    Is it easy to draw?
9.    What is your favourite colour?
10. What was your favourite colour in childhood?
11. What colours are popular among your friends?

Cue card
Science lesson you learnt at school
-          What was the lesson
-          Where you learnt it
-          How did your teachers teach
1.    What should be there to teach science in schools?
2.    Who is better at science?
3.    What should the government do for the environment?
4.    How can the internet help in teaching science?