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Friday, June 29, 2012

Speaking memories 2 - 29th June 2012

1.    May I know your name?
2.    Where are you from?
3.    Are you working or studying?
4.    Why you chose this line?
5.    How often do you draw now?
6.    Did you learn drawing in childhood?
7.    What is the benefit of drawing for children and adults?
8.    Is it easy to draw?
9.    What is your favourite colour?
10. What was your favourite colour in childhood?
11. What colours are popular among your friends?

Cue card
Science lesson you learnt at school
-          What was the lesson
-          Where you learnt it
-          How did your teachers teach
1.    What should be there to teach science in schools?
2.    Who is better at science?
3.    What should the government do for the environment?
4.    How can the internet help in teaching science?


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