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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Speaking memories - 13th June

1. Tell me your full name please.
2. Tell me about your hometown.
3. How did it look like when you were a child?
4. How did it get improved?
5. What your native villagers prefer as public transportation?
6. Do you use public transportation regularly?

7. Do you like watching TV?
8. Do you think people spent too much time in watching TV?
9. Do you think parents should motivate their children to watch TV more and more?
Talk about a team, club or group you joined.
When you joined?                      
 Why you joined?            
What activities you did there?
Explain the importance of the same.
1. Is there any benefit to old people of having group or club?

2. Do you think that parents should encourage their children to join such clubs? Why?

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