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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Speaking memories 28th May 2012

1.    What is your full name?
2.    Where are you from?
3.    Where did you grow up?
4.    Do young people live where you grew up?
5.    Did you visit your relatives when you were a child?

Speaking memories 28th May 2012

1.    What is your full name?
2.    How can I call you?
3.    What do you do?
4.    Which job do you do?
5.    Why did you choose this job?
6.    Do you like to keep past photographs?
7.    What do you feel when anybody shares their photographs with you?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Speaking memories 28th May 2012

1.    May I know your full name?
2.    How may I call you?
3.    May I see your ID
4.    Tell me something about your hometown.
5.    How was your hometown when you were a child?
6.    What are the changes since you were a child?

Speaking memories - 28th May 2012

1.    May I know your full name
2.    Where did you grow up?
3.    Why do you like this place?
4.    Why do you dislike this place?
5.    Do you work or study?
6.    Which subjects did you study?
7.    Why did you choose these subjects?

Speaking memories - 28th May 2012

1.    May I know your full name?
2.    Where do you live – house or apartment?
3.    Where did you grow up?
4.    Why do you like this place?
5.    Why do you dislike this place?
6.    Describe your home?
7.    Which room you like in your home?

Speaking memories 28th May 2012

1.    May I know your full name?
2.    May I see your ID?
3.    How often did you meet your relatives in childhood?
4.    Who were more important in your childhood – relatives or friends?
5.    With whom you want to spend more time with in the future, – relatives or friends? Why?
6.    Why they are important?
7.    What colour matters to you?
8.    What is your favourite colour?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Three cue cards from speaking memories 26th May 2012

1.a gift you would like to give
2. A place of natural beauty
3. How you spend your evenings

Writing memories - 26th May - General Training

Task 1 - Your friend is on holiday and requested you to stay in his house.
- explain what you like about his house 
- explain him about a problem you experienced with equipment in his kitchen
- explain how you solved it
Task 2 -  People tend to use their own vehicles cars instead of public transport like buses and trains explain your view. Explain what government should do to encourage people to use more public transport?

Writing memories 26th May Academic

Task 1 - Process - recycling of plastic
Task 2 - Essay - The traditional life style of local people in developing countries is attracting and increasing the number of tourists to the countries which has the effect of preventing local people changing to modern ways. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

For sample answer follow the link -

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Important cue cards for June and July 2012 - For some hints on what to speak - visit

Serial Number
Cue card
Talk about a family photograph. Please say
- Who is on that photograph?
- Who took the photo?
- Why do you consider it memorable?
Talk about a family photograph. Please say
- Who took the picture?
- Who is on the picture?
- When was it taken?
Talk about a letter you received lately/recently. Please say
-       Who was it from?
-       What did it say?
-       How did you feel about it?

Speaking memories 25th May 2012 - Baroda India

1.   What is your name?
2.   What is your favourite Colour? Why?
3.   What is your favourite room in home?
4.   Where do live? In flat or house?
5.   What colour would you not apply in painting room?

Cue card

Tell me about your favourite Season.
Why do you like about this season.

Follow ups

Friday, May 25, 2012

Speaking memories 5 25th May

1.    What is your full name?
2.    How can I call you?
3.    Tell me about your hometown?
4.    What is the one thing you like and dislike about your hometown?
5.    Do you think that the subjects you studied people prefer same subjects? Why?
6.    What sports people like in your country?
7.    Do you think they should play games?
8.    What games you have played in your school?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Talk about an accomplishment which helped to boost your confidence - What was the accomplishment - How it boosted your confidence - How did the community people come to know about it - What was their reaction

Everyone makes some accomplishments in one’s life.
Some accomplishments are big and some are small.
But each accomplishment gives some confidence to the person.
Here I am going to talk about an accomplishment which really boosted my confidence.
When I was in 10th I took part in a science fair.
I was selected to represent my school.
Actually four students were selected.
We made a model to show different types of pollution.
Our model was very beautiful.
Each one of us had to speak turn wise on the model.
I used to be very stage shy.
But during that fair I spoke very nicely.
My speech was appreciated by one and all.
Then I realised that I too had oratorical akills.
We won the first prize.
The judges specially mentioned that the prize was mainly due to the verbal description of the model.
That really boosted my confidence.
The next day there was this news in the local paper Jag Baani. My photograph was also there in the paper.
Even the cable TV had covered the whole fair and so many people of the community came to know about it.
They all called and congratulated me.
I was on cloud nine.
I can never forget the day.
In my speech on the model, I talked about the three types of pollution – air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution.
I also talked about global warming.
I also suggested steps by which we could reduce global warming.

Cue card Talk about a situation in your life that made you laugh from your heart - what was the occasion, - when was that, - who witnessed it with you, - and why it made you laugh.

It has been rightly said that laughter is the best medicine.
Unfortunately in the fast paced hectic lifestyle of today we are forgetting to realise the importance of this free medicine.
Even doctors are recommending this therapy for many depressive disorders.
Nowadays people have again begun to realise its importance.
No wonder, we can see many sitcoms on TV nowadays such as Comedy Circus and Chhote Miyan.
Laughter clubs have also opened in many cities where people come to laugh out their worries and stress.
I have also faced many situations when I burst into peals of laughter.
Here I would like to talk about one when I really laughed from my heart.
It was my cousins wedding two months ago and we were all dancing on the beats of DJ.
The grooms father, that is my uncle had taken a few pegs of whiskey.
He was dancing the maximum.
His odd and weird dancing steps were very hilarious and everyone was laughing at him.
But he was not at all perturbed.
He was thoroughly enjoying himself.
My aunt tried to stop him many times but he wouldn’t listen.
He was wearing a silken dhoti kurta.
Suddenly he tripped and his dhoti came off.
That was the most hilarious moment of all.
The bride and the groom also had a hearty laugh.
The photographer captured it all very nicely in his video camera.
Even today when we see that we all have a hearty laugh.
So this is the situation when I laughed from my heart.