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Monday, May 28, 2012

Speaking memories 28th May 2012

1.    May I know your full name?
2.    May I see your ID?
3.    How often did you meet your relatives in childhood?
4.    Who were more important in your childhood – relatives or friends?
5.    With whom you want to spend more time with in the future, – relatives or friends? Why?
6.    Why they are important?
7.    What colour matters to you?
8.    What is your favourite colour?

9.    What colours matter in your friends circle and why?
10. Did this colour matter in your childhood?
11. Why you chose IT field?
Cue card
Describe an interesting old person
-          Who he is
-          Why you find him interesting
-          How he helps you
-          How often you meet him
Follow ups
1.    Are older or younger people important in our life?
2.    According to your culture at which age is a person considered old?
3.    What are the advantages of old life?
4.    What are the disadvantages of old life?
5.    In future would you like to spend more time with old people or young?
6.    In future what things would be required by the elderly?

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