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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Talk about an accomplishment which helped to boost your confidence - What was the accomplishment - How it boosted your confidence - How did the community people come to know about it - What was their reaction

Everyone makes some accomplishments in one’s life.
Some accomplishments are big and some are small.
But each accomplishment gives some confidence to the person.
Here I am going to talk about an accomplishment which really boosted my confidence.
When I was in 10th I took part in a science fair.
I was selected to represent my school.
Actually four students were selected.
We made a model to show different types of pollution.
Our model was very beautiful.
Each one of us had to speak turn wise on the model.
I used to be very stage shy.
But during that fair I spoke very nicely.
My speech was appreciated by one and all.
Then I realised that I too had oratorical akills.
We won the first prize.
The judges specially mentioned that the prize was mainly due to the verbal description of the model.
That really boosted my confidence.
The next day there was this news in the local paper Jag Baani. My photograph was also there in the paper.
Even the cable TV had covered the whole fair and so many people of the community came to know about it.
They all called and congratulated me.
I was on cloud nine.
I can never forget the day.
In my speech on the model, I talked about the three types of pollution – air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution.
I also talked about global warming.
I also suggested steps by which we could reduce global warming.

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