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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Speaking memories 28th May 2012

1.    What is your full name?
2.    Where are you from?
3.    Where did you grow up?
4.    Do young people live where you grew up?
5.    Did you visit your relatives when you were a child?

6.    Do you think you will have more or less relatives in the future?
7.    Which relatives will be important for you in the future?
Cue card
Talk about something you would like to buy if you had a lot of money
-          What it would be
-          Why you would like to buy it
-          Why you would need it
-          Explain what you would feel if you get it
Follow ups
1.    Do some people respect or give value to money?
2.    Is there any friend of yours who bought the same product?
3.    Why are some people unhappy with lots of money?
4.    Do you think people who have lot of money waste a lot of it?
5.    Why do they waste it?

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