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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Important cue cards for June and July 2012 - For some hints on what to speak - visit

Serial Number
Cue card
Talk about a family photograph. Please say
- Who is on that photograph?
- Who took the photo?
- Why do you consider it memorable?
Talk about a family photograph. Please say
- Who took the picture?
- Who is on the picture?
- When was it taken?
Talk about a letter you received lately/recently. Please say
-       Who was it from?
-       What did it say?
-       How did you feel about it?
Describe something that you learned about another culture. You should say
- What did you learn?
- What is the new culture?
- How did you find out about it?
Talk about a culture you became familiar with recently. Please say
- What culture was it?
- When did you learn about it?
- What was the occasion?
Describe an interesting culture you learned about. Please say
- What culture was it?
- Where did you learn about it?
- Why are you interested in it?
Describe about a situation when you had to behave politely.
- When it was?
-       Where it was?
-       What it was about?
-       What you did?
Talk about a situation in your life that made you laugh from your heart
-          what was the occasion,
-          when was that,
-          who witnessed it with you,
-          and why it made you laugh.
Describe a street in your hometown which you like,
-       where it is,
-       who lives there,
-       and why you like it?
Talk about an accomplishment which helped to boost your confidence
-       What was the accomplishment
-       How it boosted your confidence
-       How did the community people come to know about it
-       What was their reaction
Talk about a very good student friend that you had during school. Please say:
- Who this friend was,
- Why he/she was your good friend,
- What did you do together?
Describe your friend. Please say
- Who is he/she?
- How did you meet?
- Why do you like him/her?
Talk about your best friend, please say
- Who this person is
- Why this person is your best friend
- How you feel about this person
Talk about the recent changes that took place in your hometown/city
-       What are these changes
-       What was that area used for earlier
-       What other developments have taken place because of these changes
-       Or
1.    What is your full name?
2.    What do you do?
3.    Which part of the day do you like most?
4.    What is your most productive time of the day?
5.    Do you plan your week?
Talk about your favorite subject in school. Please say
- What was it?
- Why was it your favorite?
- What were the special features of that subject?
Talk about a restaurant that you like. Please say
- What restaurant is it?
- What type of food is served there?
- Whom did you go there with?
"describe a restaurant you enjoy eating with your friends"
Describe a shop that impressed you. Please say.
- Where is the shop?
- How did you learn about it?
- What do they sell?
- Why were you impressed so much?
Describe an interesting shop you have visited
a) Where is this shop
b) Why did you find it interesting
Describe a place of work that you know of. Please say
- Where is this place?                    
- Who works there?            
- Is it a good place?
Describe a foreign music event that you have been to. Please say
- When was it?
- Where was it?
- How did you feel there?
Talk about foreign music that you heard. Please say
- What type of music was it?
- How has it influenced you?
- Does music play an important role in our society?
Describe a person who taught you a certain skill, such as cooking or driving or swimming. Please say
- Who is that person?
- How did he/she teach it to you?
- Why did you learn it?
- Was this skill useful to you?
Describe something kind which someone did for you;
-       say who is the person
-       what he/she did?
Talk about a famous place that you know and would like to visit. Please say
- Where is this place?
- What have you heard about the place?
- What will you do when you go there?
- Why did you choose this place?
Talk about something you have made by yourself
-       What is it
-       When or how did you make
-       How often do you make it
-       or
Describe something you made yourself (either alone or with others) when you were a child.
·         You should say:
·         what it was
·         where (and when) you made it
·         how you made it
·         what you needed to make it (e.g., what tools, equipment and materials)
·                       and explain why you made it yourself.
·                                         or
·                      and explain how you felt after you made it.
Describe a place people go for swimming
- where
- how the place looks like,
- why you like the place
- do other people like this place as well?
Talk about an outdoor activity you enjoy while doing
-       What is it
-       When you started it
-       With whom you prefer to do it
-       Do you enjoy when you do it
Describe a product that you want to buy that is made in another country. Please say
- What product is it?
- What country is it made in?
- What are the specifications of the product?
- Why do you want to buy it?
Talk about a leader from the world of business, politics or sports. Please say
- Why do you think he is a leader?
- What does distinguish him from other leaders?
- What does inspire you about him?
Describe a famous person ?
- Who is he ?
-       How he became successful?
-       How you came to know about him?
Talk about a book that you have read recently. Please say
- What is the book about?
- Who is the author?
- Did you like or dislike the book?
Describe an important event in your life. Please say
- When did it happen?
- What was the event?
- Did it have an effect on your life?
Describe a childhood trip
-          When
-          With whom
-          What knowledge did you gain
-          Why you remember this trip
-          Or
Describe a place you visited when you were a child,
-       where,
-       how you traveled and
why it is important to you,
Describe your favourite weather.
You should say:
-       what kind of weather it is 
-       when this weather usually occurs
-       what you usually do during this weather
-       explain how this weather affects you
-       and explain why you like this type of weather.
Describe a situation where people congratulated you for the things that you’ve done. Please say
- What was it that you did?
- When did it happen?
- What did people tell you?
Describe one event where you were congratulated by someone
Why they congratulated you
how people have known what you have achieved
how do you feel being congratulated......
Describe a wedding you have recently attended. Please say
- Whose wedding was it?
- Where was it?
- Whom did you go with?
Which career did you want to follow when you were a child?
What was interesting about that career?
A job you wanted to do when you were younger
-          What was the job
-          What skill and training is needed for this job
-          Where did you learn about it
-          Why did you want to do it
Describe an advertisement you saw or heard recently.
-          Where did you see it?
-          What was it about?
-          Why was it memorable?
Describe about a website you find useful
Describe a special meal you would like to eat:
What would it be?
Where would it be?
Whom would you like to share it with?
Why it is special for you?
Talk about the latest movie that you saw. Please say
- What was the movie title?
- When did you see it and with whom?
- Why did you like/dislike it?
Talk about a color that matters to you. Please say:
- What color it is,
- When this color became important in your life,
- Why this color matters to you,
- How your choices are affected by this color.
Talk about a positive change in your life. Please say
- What was the change?
- When did it happen?
- Why do you think it was positive?
Talk about a product that you want to buy from overseas. Please say
- What kind of product is it?
- Why are you buying this product of overseas?
- Is it easy to buy this product in your country?
Talk about a place in open air where you go to relax. Please say:
- Where and when do you go?
- Why do you find it relaxing?
- How do you relax in that place?
Describe an old person you find interesting to talk with.
Talk about money that you received as a present. Please say
- Who gave you the money?
- When did you receive the money?
- How did you spend it?
Describe something kind that someone did for you.
               You should say:
                               who it was
                               what they did
                               how it helped you
                and explain how you felt after they did this.
Describe a TV program which you enjoy watching
Describe a song which you were singing in your childhood
-          What it was about
If you want to start a business what it would be?
With whom you would start it?
From where you would begin it?
Describe a small business that you would like to start. You should say
- What business is it?
- Where would you like to start it?
- What would it require to make a start?
- Why have you chosen this particular business?
Describe the place where you would like to live. Please say
- Where would it be?
- What will it look like?
- Whom with would you like to live there?
Talk about your favourite sea animal
-       What is it
-       Where did you see it
-       Why is it your favourite
Describe job you want to do :
why this job?
what you would have to do?
Talk about things that can make you a bit angry. Please say
- What are they?
- When and where are they happening, usually?
- Why do they make you angry?
Describe an important event in the history of your country.
               You should say:
                               what event it was
                               when it occurred
                               who was leading this event
                               how you know about this event
                and explain why you think it was important.
Describe a friend you haven't been in contact with for a long time but who you would like to see again.
               You should say:
                               who this friend is
                               how long you have not been in contact
                               when you would like to meet him or her
                               what you would like to do together
                and explain why you haven't been in contact for a long time.
               and explain what you would like to do together.
Describe a couple who you think have a happy marriage.
               You should say:
                               who they are
                                how long they have been married
                                how they live their lives
                and explain why you think they are happily married.
Describe a place near water (such as a river, a lake or the ocean) that you enjoyed visiting when you were a child. 
               You should say:
                               where this place was 
                               what you did at this place
                               who you went there with
               and explain why you liked this place. 
              and explain what you liked or disliked about this place. 
Describe a lake or a sea that you visited. Please say
- What is its name?
- Where is it?
- When did you go there?
- What do people do there?
Describe a science lesson that you had in school or university (such as biology, chemistry or physics).
            You should say:
                          when you attended this lesson
                          where you attended this lesson
                          what you learned (and what branch of science it was)
             and explain how you learned it (= how it was taught).
            and explain what happened in the lesson.
Describe your favourite way to communicate with someone.
You should say:
what it is
                 and explain why this is your favourite way to communicate.
Describe a popular band or musician in your country.
               You should say:
                and explain
Describe a group activity you successfully took part in (for example, at school, university or work).
        You should say:
                what the activity was
                who was with you
                how easy or difficult it was
        and explain how you felt about being part of this team.
Describe a place of natural beauty that you have been to.
               You should say:
                               where it was
                               when you went there
                               what was there
                and explain how (or why) it was beautiful.
Describe an antique or some other old thing that your family has kept for a long time.
You should say:
what it is
how (or when) your family first got this thing
how long your family has kept it
               and explain why this thing is important to your family.
The influence of media on people’s lives
The best time of the day for you
Describe a difficult thing you did well.
               You should say:
                               what it was
                and explain why it was difficult.
                and explain how you felt after you did it.
Happiest person you have ever met
Favourite character from TV
Favourite season

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