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Friday, January 28, 2011

You invited your family to have a special celebrate dinner in a well-known restaurant, but you are unsatisfied with the meal. You are writing to make a complaint. In your letter, you have to say: What the situation is; What the problem is; What you want them to do.

Dear Sir,

On October 20th, I took my family members to your restaurant to celebrate my mother’s birthday. My friend recommended your restaurant as he is your regular customer. However, my experience has not been so good.

My first complaint is that your servings are too small and not at all value-for-money. We ordered your giant burgers thinking that one would be enough for each of us. But your giant burger turned out to be just the regular size that we get elsewhere. Then, when we asked for extra sauces, your waiters told us that we would have to pay extra. They were quite discourteous also.

I think that it would be a good idea to either change the amount of food you serve or reduce the cost of the meals because at the moment I think your prices are too high for the amount of food you serve. The extra sauces also should be free with the food ordered. It would also be a good idea to teach some basic manners to your waiters.

I would like to be your regular customer for the quality of food you offer. So, if you look into the other things it would be very nice of you.

Yours faithfully,
Kiran Makkar

Write a letter to the landlord and complain about the repair work. In your letter, you should include: The details of last repair What the problem is Give suggestions to landlord on how to repair it

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am your tenant from apartment number 11102, Bissonnet Street. I am writing to complain about the repair work you did on my kitchen cupboards. Most of the work you did was satisfactory but, unfortunately there are some problems that require immediate attention from you.

As you are well aware, you had to get the kitchen cupboards repaired and re-installed. Most of the cupboards have been well installed but the one just next to the cooking range is not well fitted. There is a problem with its doors. They are not closing properly. As a result they keep opening and can cause injury.

I request you to get the work properly finished. My parents are coming to stay with me for a month and I don’t want any injury to happen to them. I therefore urge you to get this problem fixed within this week. You may call me at 9888195776 to confirm the day.

I look forward for a prompt action from you regarding this matter.

Yours sincerely,
Kiran Makkar

Monday, January 24, 2011

IELTS letters Index

IELTS letters index -

Friday, January 21, 2011

Describe a project or a piece of work you did together with someone, please say - who it was, - what you have done, -why you have chosen this person.

During school time I made a lot of projects for every subject.
Most of the projects were supposed to be done by the individual student.
But, I remember, once there was a science exhibition.
It was conducted by the local Lions Club
Every school had to send a team of students who had to make a model or a chart
I was chosen from my school.
I had to choose a partner for myself
I chose my friend Gurpreet
Together we had to make a model on any topic related to the environment.
We made a diagram on a chart paper depicting the causes and effects of Global Warming.
I remember we were all very enthusiastic about the project.
Both of us contributed whole heartedly in the making of this chart.
I did the drawing on the chart.
The most important part was the presentation of the topic in front of the judges.
Gurpreet has very good oratorical skills.
Actually it was because of her that we got the first prize.
Actually I chose Gurpreet because of her excellent communication skills.
We were very happy when we won the trophy for our school.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Describe a small company in your hometown that you think is successful, please say - Why you think it is successful, - How you know it, - What they produce, - Explain how you think it became successful.

I belong to Phagwara.
It is the hub of small scale industry
There are three big mills in my home town – the JCT mill, the sugar mill and the starch mill.
But here I am going to talk about a small company which is very successful.
It is Akal industries
It is on the GT Road
I have heard about it from my friend’s brother who works there.
They say that among the small scale industries, it is at number one
They produce parts for automobiles.
The employer employee relation is very good.
They have very good facilities for workers, such as canteen and transport facility.
About 100 people work there.
It is run by two brothers.
One looks after the manufacturing and the other looks after the sales.
They have very good quality control
That is why they export their products to many parts of the world such as Canada, USA and France.
They take part in exhibitions also in many parts of the world.
They are successful because of their sheer hard work.
My friend’s brother tells me that they are very punctual and if any worker is absent, they themselves take his seat so that the work does not suffer
They are perfect role models for their employees
They are very down-to-earth.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Talk about a child

• There are many children in my family and neighbourhood. I like all of them because I love little children.
• The child I am going to talk about here is Jasleen.
• She is my niece – my sister’s daughter.
• She is only three years old but she is very talkative.
• She is very pretty and has curly jet black hair.
• She has a very cute dimple on her right cheek and when she smiles then the dimple becomes even more prominent.
• She is the apple of everyone’s eyes
• Whenever I go to their house, she clings to me and cries a lot when I leave her.
• I have a special bonding with her.
• I give her a chocolate every time I go and if I forget she gives me a hell of a time.
• I have to go to the market immediately to buy her one.
• She is very naughty.
• She knows how to twist everyone around her little fingers.
• She likes to wear frilly frocks and when my sister buys jeans for her she refuses to wear them.
• She doesn’t like to drink milk so she keeps spilling it when no one is watching her.
• She likes to play with Barbie dolls and she has a collection of more than 10 Barbie dolls.
• My sister keeps stitching clothes for her dolls.
• When she was born, my sister’s in-laws were a bit unhappy because they wanted a grandson but now they simply adore her.
• So, Jasleen is my favourite child.

A person with whom you would like to travel With whom Why Where

• I am very fond of travelling.
• I have travelled a lot with family and relatives.
• I have been to Shimla, Delhi and Chandigarh with them.
• Here I would like to talk about a friend with whom I would really like to travel.
• He is my best friend Rahul.
• He is of my age and a very nice person
• He also has travelled a lot with his family.
• I would like to go to Shimla with him.
• We can do a lot together at Shimla.
• We can do skating, and hiking at Shimla
• He is very sporty fit and he encourages me also to go to gym regularly.
• When I went to Shimla with my parents, I wanted to do horse riding and skating but they were not interested and so I also could not do all that alone.
• With Rahul I know I will enjoy much more.
• I plan to go in winters because in winters we can also enjoy the snowfall.
• I have seen children playing with snow in the movies and making snowmen, and I would also love to make a snowman with my friend.
• Another reason why I would like to go with him is that he can drive very nicely in Hilly areas and also knows how to drive on snow.
• Actually, his relatives live in Shimla and he has visited them many times during his vacations.
• He also has a very good sense of humour and I know I can never get bored with him.
• So, I would like to go with Rahul to Shimla.

Talk about your Childhood room Where in your house was that room Why you liked it

• Childhood room plays a very important role in everyone’s life.
• I have very fond memories of my childhood room.
• I shared my room with my sister.
• Our room was next to our parent’s room on the back side of our house.
• We had all facilities in our room
• We had a study table on which we used to study.
• We also had a music system in our room.
• We both loved to listen to music.
• There were two almirahs for clothes.
• I remember my sister and I used to fight over small things in the room.
• She was very messy and I was very organized.
• So whenever she used to spoil the room’s d├ęcor (setting), I used to shout at her.
• I remember we had an attached bathroom.
• She always used to leave it wet after taking a bath.
• I used to hand her the wiper to dry it.
• She used to sulk, but I made her do it.
• Our parents were very strict about our bed time.
• My mother used to check our room to see if the lights were off.
• After she would leave we used to get up again.
• When it came to cheating our parents we used to be together.
• Childhood is a very nice time.
• Now I have a separate room of my own.
• But, I still remember my childhood room.
• If I get a chance, I would really love to have that room and time back.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A news story that made you happy

I daily read the news on paper and watch news channels like Aaj Tak and Star News.
Many news stories are very interesting and I feel happy after seeing them
Here I would like to talk about the news story of America’s President Obama’s visit to India.
He came with his wife Michelle in the first week of November 2010.
Both of them made a place in the hearts of many Indians.
What made me most happy was Michelle Obama’s mingling with the children of various social backgrounds.
She even danced with the little children.
I was very happy to see how she was picking up the steps of Indian folk dances very nicely.
She seemed to be enjoying herself thoroughly.
She also did a lot of shopping from Indian stores.
President Obama met various politicians.
He came to strengthen ties between USA and India
India’s economy too is coming up very fast and it really felt good to know that superpowers like America also need to shake hands with growing economies like India.
Barack Obama also answered many questions of college students.
His way of answering was very diplomatic.
The way he was dodging questions he did not want to answer was very hilarious.
Finally I would like to say that his visit was a win-win situation for both India and USA.
Deals worth 10 billion dollars were signed in those three days.