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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Speaking memories ( Daljit – 24th August)

1.       What is your full name?
2.       Are you studying or working?
3.       How often do you watch TV?
4.       What kind of films do you like?
5.       Did you like action movies when you were a child?
6.       What kind of gifts did you like to receive?
7.       When was the last time you bought a bouquet of flowers?

Cue card
Describe  a photograph that you liked
-          Who took this
-          What was happening around

Follow up questions
1.       What is the method to keep photographs?
2.       What are the new devices which are coming to take photographs?
3.       What type of device do people use normally?
4.       What are the advantages and disadvantages of keeping photographs in computers?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sports day/competition held in your school/college - When was it - What you liked and disliked about it

I studied in ………. School/college.
Every year a sports day was celebrated in the month of February.
It used to be a big event for all the students.
Our principal was very particular about each and every student’s participation in it.
Here I am going to talk about the sports day of my school when I was in 10th.
Mr Inder Gujral, a famous football player of my hometown was the chief guest.
Many games were played on that day.
There was a sac race, a spoon race, three legged race, frog race and slow cycling on that day.
It was very hilarious.
Everyone would burst into peals of laughter when someone made a mistake or fell.
I participated in the sac race.
I remember, I was very clumsy and fell face downward.
Then I participated in the spoon race. We had to carry a lemon in our spoon to the end but my lemon too fell off very soon.
My friends were winning something or the other.
Then I took part in the slow cycling.
I was last and so I won that race.
Finally I had won.
I was very happy.
I liked everything about that day but there were two big problems.
It was very hot and cold drinking water was not available.
Everyone was cribbing about this problem.
Secondly, there was only one photographer who was not able to cover the whole event nicely.
On the whole it was a very memorable day.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Speaking memories (Simar) - 22nd August 2011

Please add this cue card to the list of important ones for August and September

Introduction questions
1.       What is your full-name?
2.       Are you a student or working?
3.       What are you studying?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

IELTS writing memories 20th August 2011 ( written by Munisha in the exam)

( Let's see her score)
Some people think that the news media nowadays have become influential in people’s lives and is negative development. Do you agree or disagree?

Thanks to news media which connects us throughout the world. Today we are not living on big planet earth. We are part of global village. Some people think that news media have influenced people’s lives in negative ways. I strongly disagree with the given statement and I shall put my arguments forth to support my views. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Talk about an expensive thing you bought recently - What was it - When did you buy it - From where did you buy it - Did you have to save money for it

( For girls)
·         I have bought many things in my life, but here I would like to talk about an expensive thing that I bought recently.
·         It is a pearl necklace.
·         I saw it in the Archie’s store in Phagwara.

Talk about a vehicle that you would like to buy. Please say - What vehicle is that? - Why do you like it? - Do you intend to buy this vehicle in future? - What purpose would you use this vehicle for?

·         There are many vehicles on our roads today.
·         So many choices often lead to confusion
·         Here I would like to talk about a vehicle that I would like to buy in the near future.
·         It is a nano car
·         It is manufactured by Tata Motors

Talk about a magazine or a newspaper article that you have really liked. Please say - What was it about - Why did you like it? - How often do you read this magazine/newspaper?

·         I read many newspapers and magazines in my daily life.
·         I read The Tribune daily.
·         Here I would like to talk about an article on time management which I read in The Tribune.
·         It was in the editorial section.
·         It was very well written.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Today, advanced science and technology have made great changes to people's life, but artists such as musicians, painters and writers are still highly valued. What can arts tell us about life that science and technology cannot?

( the plan for this essay was already there on the blog. This is the complete sample answer )

It is irrefutable that artists as well as scientists bring many benefits to society. The role of art as well as science is different yet inextricably linked. In the following paragraphs I intend to delve into the role of both in our lives. What is certain is that both types are valuable, priceless and irreplaceable for every society.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Important cue cards for August and September 2011

An unusual activity you have done recently
-          What was the activity
-          When did you do it
-          How did you feel after doing it
An unusual experience you have had recently
-          What was it
-          When did you have it
-          How did you feel afterwards

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

IELTS result for the test of 28th July.

IELTS result dated 10th August

 I posted the essays written by both students on the blog just to get an idea how writing is marked.

A few speaking questions with possible answers

1.       What is the importance of stories in the development of a child?
Stories play an important role in the development of a child. They help the child imagine the characters in the mind which is the first step to creativity. Another important benefit is that we can impart the knowledge of culture, tradition, moral values and religion in the mind of the child. This forms the basis of the child’s personality. Finally, telling stories enhances the curiosity of the child and enhances their mental growth.

2.       What are the benefits of grandparents telling stories to children in the family?
There are many benefits of grandparents telling stories to their grandchildren. This is one of the best ways to pass on our cultural heritage to our children. Another big advantage is that it reduces the loneliness of grandparents. They feel wanted and loved. It is a win-win situation for both. The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is a symbiotic relation. Parents can find time for other things while grandparents and grandchildren are happily busy with each other.

3.       What type of books children read nowadays?
Nowadays, generally speaking, the reading habit of the children is on the decline. Whatever books they read are based on fantasy, fiction and supernatural characters like Barbie, superman and shaktiman.
50 years ago – Children read a lot. They read moral and spiritual books. They read animal stories.
After 50 years – I do not think they will do any reading. All the time will be spent in front of computers.
4.       Do you think children have lost their interest in stories?
No, I don’t think that children have lost their interest in stories. However, the stories they read today are very different from the past.
5.       Can story books be an ideal gift for children?
Yes, definitely! Story books can be an ideal gift for children. They can help the child imagine the characters in the mind which is the first step to creativity. Another important benefit is that we can impart the knowledge of culture, tradition, moral values and religion in the mind of the child. This forms the basis of the child’s personality. Finally, story books enhance the curiosity of the child and enhance their mental growth.

6.       What can be done to encourage the habit of reading among children?
A lot can be done to encourage the habit of reading among children. The first and foremost step would be to make books available. There should be good libraries in the schools as well as in neighbourhoods. Story telling competitions could be organised. If children have to take part in these competitions, then naturally, they would be encouraged to read books. Finally, books could be made more interesting by adding graphics.
7.       How does reading help a child?
Reading helps to improve concentration. It also helps to improve general knowledge. It also improves the language skills and satisfies the curiosity of children on various things. 

8.       What sort of books can be suggested to children to read?
Children should be encouraged to read religious and historical books. They should also read biographies and autobiographies of famous people so that they get motivation from them. They should also be encouraged to read books on science and technology. However, these books should be made very interesting by adding pictures. 

9.       How much should a child read every day?
A child should read half to one hour daily. I think that would be enough considering that they have to go to school and do their homework as well. 

10.   What is the difference between the books sold in the past and the books sold nowadays?
In the past, books related to culture, tradition, religion and history were sold. Nowadays, books are mostly based on fiction and fantasy.


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