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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Describe an adventurous person that you know or read about. Please say - Who is this person? - Why do you find him/her an adventurer? - What can you learn from him/her?

·         There are all sorts of people in the world
·         Some like to take risks where as some like to play it safe.
·         I know many people who are adventurous such as Akshay Kumar and Jackie Chen
·         Here I would like to talk about my cousin who is very adventurous by nature
·         His name is Jatinder.
·         He is 24 years old.
·         He is not very tall but very handsome.
·         I find him an adventurer because he loves to indulge in all sorts of risky and daring activities.
·         We can learn from him to be daring and brave.
·         He is very expert in riding motorcycles
·         He performs many stunts on his bike.
·         He has also done Bungee jumping in Rishikesh.
·         I saw his video and was awe struck by his confidence.
·         He has also been with his college trip for trekking, white-water rafting, skiing and hiking.
·         He has been injured many times but that does not deter him from doing all these activities.
·         He has also participated in Mountain Dew Nidar which means ‘the fearless’.
·         Recently, he has been approached by a Punjabi film company to work as a stuntman in their film.
·         He has been offered a handsome package to work in their film.
·         His parents, however, are not happy with this job.
·         They are very protective towards him.
·         But he has managed to convince his parents.
·         He shall be starting his work soon.
·         I want to be like him but my legs start shaking at the thought of the risk.
·         I remember, once a house in our neighbourhood was on fire.
·         A six year old child was trapped inside.
·         He ran into the house and saved the child.
·         All the people in our locality praised him for his daring nature.
·         He was awarded an appreciation award by our local Rotary Club.


  1. Your cousin seems like a really cool and nice guy! :)



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