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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sports day/competition held in your school/college - When was it - What you liked and disliked about it

I studied in ………. School/college.
Every year a sports day was celebrated in the month of February.
It used to be a big event for all the students.
Our principal was very particular about each and every student’s participation in it.
Here I am going to talk about the sports day of my school when I was in 10th.
Mr Inder Gujral, a famous football player of my hometown was the chief guest.
Many games were played on that day.
There was a sac race, a spoon race, three legged race, frog race and slow cycling on that day.
It was very hilarious.
Everyone would burst into peals of laughter when someone made a mistake or fell.
I participated in the sac race.
I remember, I was very clumsy and fell face downward.
Then I participated in the spoon race. We had to carry a lemon in our spoon to the end but my lemon too fell off very soon.
My friends were winning something or the other.
Then I took part in the slow cycling.
I was last and so I won that race.
Finally I had won.
I was very happy.
I liked everything about that day but there were two big problems.
It was very hot and cold drinking water was not available.
Everyone was cribbing about this problem.
Secondly, there was only one photographer who was not able to cover the whole event nicely.
On the whole it was a very memorable day.

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