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Friday, August 5, 2011

An unusual activity you have done recently

(written by Munisha)       
1. To overcome the monotony of daily life everyone needs something interesting.
2.       I usually do many activities in my leisure time such as drawing, gardening and dancing.
3.       But here I would like to talk about an unusual activity which I found really interesting.
4.       It was Furoshiki .
5.       It is a Japanese technique.

6.       I learnt this art from the internet.
7.       Actually my friend sent me link of its video on my e-mail account.
8.       It was a 10 minute video.
9.       I liked it very much.
10.   Furoshiki is an art of making handbags with the help of cloth and also it is art of wrapping a gift with cloth.
11.   Such beautiful things made of cloth are a part of everyday life.
12.I have made it by using old cloth.
13.It is easy to make and quite attractive.
14.   It is elegant and timeless.
15.   It requires no sewing.
16.   We can make a bag using a few knots and twists to cloth.
17.   It is amazing how a few twists and knots can transform a thin cloth to a beautiful handbag.
18.   It can be used for many household purposes and also for shopping.
19.   I liked it because it is an eco-friendly bag and easy to carry.
20.   The Japanese government is promoting this art in an effort to save the environment.
21.   We all waste a lot of paper in wrapping gifts and other things.
22.   Furoshiki gift wraps are reusable.
23.   I have taught this art to many of my cousins and friends.
24.   It is my individual step to save environment.


  1. I really liked this idea. Furoshiki: it seems a great and a real answer about unusual activity.

  2. Hello,
    Please do check your email.
    i've sent an email for you.

    thank you.

  3. thank you so much



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