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Sunday, August 21, 2011

IELTS writing memories 20th August 2011 ( written by Munisha in the exam)

( Let's see her score)
Some people think that the news media nowadays have become influential in people’s lives and is negative development. Do you agree or disagree?

Thanks to news media which connects us throughout the world. Today we are not living on big planet earth. We are part of global village. Some people think that news media have influenced people’s lives in negative ways. I strongly disagree with the given statement and I shall put my arguments forth to support my views. 

It is irrefutable that media has a lots of advantages. Firstly, it provides us all the latest information. It also keeps us in touch with technology and those who are techno savvy come to know about different gadgets. It is a great source of entertainment. It provides us jokes, games like Sudoku and some interesting and funny stories. Also it tells us about our celebrities’ lifestyles.

Furthermore, it shapes our views. If anyone has misconception about any popular personality, he can easily sort out it with the help of news media. Also pen of editor has great power. One can heard his voice to the higher authorities by writing letters to the editors. It is a link between government and common man. Mostly not every person ever get chance to meet famous Politian, celebrities and sportsmen but they all know about them through media.

Moreover, it helps in providing justice to the people. For example, everyone knows about Jessica murder case and it is only the media who helps to provide justice to Jessica’s parents. What is more it is the media which makes our culture popular through television programmes such as ‘Just dance’, ‘India’s got Talent’ and many more. 

To put it in a nutshell , I pen down saying that media is ubiquitous and indispensable part of our life. The onus lies on people to take every news with a pinch of salt and decide what is wrong or right. As every rose has thorns, it also has some cons which are negligible.


  1. In the second paragraph, I think Firstly should be put at the beginning. Every topic sentence should be placed at the very first sentence. It would be safer for us!

  2. You are right. She got 6.5 in writing despite the fact that she has has done well in task achievement and used some good idioms as well.

  3. woww! So is this a real IELTS exam? How could you get her writing and at the same time get the score?
    Just curious!

  4. I made her write her essay for me the day she took her IELTS. Her result came 13 days later as it always is.

  5. Even essays which are very well written than the above get only 6.5. Why is it so? Did anyone notice this?

  6. the essay is too good but why 6.5 is the best,what she have to do to get more



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