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Monday, August 22, 2011

Speaking memories (Simar) - 22nd August 2011

Please add this cue card to the list of important ones for August and September

Introduction questions
1.       What is your full-name?
2.       Are you a student or working?
3.       What are you studying?

4.       What are your subjects and why you choose these?
5.       which is popular food  in you country?
6.       which type of food you can prepare at home?
7.       What do you think people should eat food together at home?
cue card

describe an enjoyable conversation on phone which you have had recently??

who spoke on phone??
what was the conversation?
how much time it lasted??

Follow up questions
1.       Is mobile phone useful?
2.       what are the uses of mobile phone?
3.       what type of people use mobile phone?
4.       younger and old people use mobile phonea for which pupose ?
5.       why people prefer mobile phone?
6.       is it easy to talk on phone??

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