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Friday, August 19, 2011

Talk about a magazine or a newspaper article that you have really liked. Please say - What was it about - Why did you like it? - How often do you read this magazine/newspaper?

·         I read many newspapers and magazines in my daily life.
·         I read The Tribune daily.
·         Here I would like to talk about an article on time management which I read in The Tribune.
·         It was in the editorial section.
·         It was very well written.
·         I liked the article because it gave me a great motivation to manage my time effectively.
·         I have a very bad habit of procrastination.
·         I keep postponing things for later.
·         Sometimes I do not get time later on and my important works are left undone.
·         The author wrote that time is the most precious commodity.
·         We can buy gold and silver but we cannot buy time.
·         God has been very fair in distributing time to all people on Earth.
·         Our Prime Minister has the same 24 hours in a day as the common man on the street has.
·         The only difference between success and failure is effective time management.
·         After reading this article, I began managing my time well.
·         Every morning I make a list of to-do things and try my best to complete all things by the end of the day.
·         This has made me more organised.
·         Now I can find time for almost everything I wish to do.
·         I also feel more active the whole day.
·         Every minute is well spent.
·         My parents have also noted a change in me.
·         I feel proud of myself.

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