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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Some businesses find that their new employees lack in basic interpersonal skills such as lack of ability to work with colleagues as a team. What are the causes and suggest possible solutions. Also provide relevant examples from your experience.

( written by Neha in exam of 28th July)

As we are living in the era of Globalization , new jobs are emerging day by day . But many businesses opine that their new employees lacks in basic interpersonal skills such as the ability to work with colleagues as a team . In this essay I intend to discuss the root causes of this problem with possible solutions

To begin with , Nowadays , businesses are facing such problems . before discussing the solutions we must be aware about the main causes . As we all know that new employees are university fresher They don’t have any previous work experience .They have to tackle many problems in the new environment .Like many senior officials never want to work under a more qualified junior .They never co-operate with each other. Also, they have different mindsets due to which they will never agree to work on similar platforms .

For all these reasons businesses should adopt some possible solutions so that they can easily cope with these problems . First of all training based on basic interpersonal skills should be arranged by companies, so that new employees can become familiar with the new environment . Moreover there should be some interactive meetings also so that they can come together to understand mindsets of each other .

Furthermore, proper knowledge of technology should be given so that there should be no communication gap . also there should be no biasing on social as well as religious grounds as we are the part of a global world. Employees should not be self centered . They should work for the profit of the organization not for their own .

To put it in a nutshell , I pen down saying that these are some possible solutions to simplify this problem and I am sure by adopting these solutions businesses can easily cope with these problems .

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