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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Speaking memories – 21st August ( Munisha) What a coincidence – The cue card Munisha got was written by her and I posted on the blog a few days ago. This is also in the list of the important cue cards I posted for the month of August and September.

Introductory questions 
1.       May I know your name please? 
2.       Do you work or study? 
3.       When do you feel happy? 
4.       What is happiness according to different people?

5.       Is unhappiness always a bad thing? 
6.       What food is popular in your culture? 
7.       Is home cooked food better than ready to eat food?

Cue card
Talk about an unusual activity you did in your free time
-          What was the activity
-          With whom did you do it
-          Why did you do it

Follow up questions

1.       How people spend their free time?
2.       Do you think people in past had more free time than today?
3.       Do you think men have more free time than women?
4.       How should children spend their free time? Any suggestions?
5.       Parents and children spend their free time doing similar activities, is it important ?

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