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Monday, May 28, 2012

Speaking memories - 28th May 2012

1.    May I know your full name
2.    Where did you grow up?
3.    Why do you like this place?
4.    Why do you dislike this place?
5.    Do you work or study?
6.    Which subjects did you study?
7.    Why did you choose these subjects?

8.    What type of clothes you wear?
9.    Are clothes expensive in your country?
Cue card
Famous person whom you have interest in
-          Who is he/she
-          What do you know about his/her life
-          What special thing you like about him
Follow ups
1.    Which celebrities are famous in your country?
2.    What types of celebs were famous in earlier times and who are famous nowadays?
3.     Are these celebrities famous because of some real talent or are they famous just like that?
4.    Are politicians famous in your country?

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