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Friday, July 20, 2012

Speaking memories 20th July 2012

Intro questions
1.    What is your full name?
2.    Where are you from?
3.    Do you live in a house or an apartment?
4.    May i see your ID?
Cue card
Lake or Sea or beach in your country or from foreign country
where it is 
when you went there
with whom you went there
why you liked it 
what is there to do
Follow ups
1.    What government should do for these lakes?
2.    What are the water sports?
3.    Why people choose these sports?

4.    What are the sports which you can play near the water?
5.    What government should do to promote these sports?
6.    Is water transport is used nowadays?
7.    What are its advantages and disadvantages?
8.    For what purposes water transport were used in the earlier time?
9.    Would you like to travel through water transport?
10.  Whether water transport will increase in future and why?

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