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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sample answers for speaking memories of 20th July 2012

1.     What government should do for these lakes?
The government should do many things for these lakes. The government should spend money to maintain these places. The government should impose some rules and regulations for tourists so that they don’t litter the place. There should be strict fine for those who violate these rules. There should be dust bins at regular intervals. Government should have a nominal fee for visitors which can be used for the upkeep of the lakes. The government can promote these lakes as places for tourism through the media.
2.     What are the water sports?
There are many water sports such as swimming, boating, canoeing, rafting, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, surfing, fishing and rowing.
3.     Why people choose these sports?
People choose these sports because these sports are great fun. Some of these sports are full of adventure such as SCUBA diving and white-water rafting.
4.     What are the sports which you can play near the water?

There are many sports which are played on beaches such as beach volleyball, beach soccer, beach tennis and so on. These sports are just the variants of other sports.
5.     What government should do to promote these sports?
The government can do many things to promote these sports. The government can make people aware of these sports by advertising through the media. The government can organise tournaments of such sports. The government should aware people to keep beaches clean in order to provide environment for such sports.
6.     Is water transport used nowadays?
Yes, water transport is used nowadays. The naval forces of the country travel on huge ships throughout the oceans to protect their country in times of peace and war. Secondly people take luxury cruises on huge ships. These ships are so huge that they are just like cities floating on water.
Water transport is slower than other means of transport but people like to spend holidays by taking such cruises.
7.     What are its advantages and disadvantages?
The advantages are that it is an economical mode for transporting heavy goods. Oceans and rivers are the free gifts of nature. No cost is involved in their construction unlike that of railways and roads. Secondly water transport is regarded as the second line of defense. Finally, as compared to other means of transport, maintenance cost of water transport is very little.
The disadvantages are that it is a much slower than other means of transport. It requires large initial investment and water transport is highly affected by weather conditions.
8.     For what purposes water transport were used in the earlier time?
In earlier times, water transport was used to travel to different places. It was also used for transport of all types of goods. But today it is only used to transport heavy goods with a long shelf life. As far as a means of travel is concerned, today people take luxury cruises only. For travelling to other countries air transport is preferred because it is much faster.
9.     Would you like to travel through water transport?
I would definitely like to take a pleasure cruise one day when I have enough money but for going to another country I would rather travel by air.
10.   Whether water transport will increase in future and why?
I think luxury cruises will gain popularity in the future. Transporting goods by sea will also be there. In future if water transport could be made faster through technology, then perhaps it will be used more.