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Monday, July 23, 2012

Speaking memories - 23rd July 2012

1.    What is your full name?
2.    Do you work or study?
3.    Why you chose these subjects?
4.    What would you like to do after completing your study?
5.    Did you draw in your childhood?
6.    Do you draw nowadays?

7.    With whom did you spend more time in your childhood – relatives or friends?
8.    Which relatives are more important?
9.    Is it easy to draw?
10. What are the benefits of drawing for young people?

Cue card
A difficult thing you did well
-          What was it
-          When was it
-          What preparations you did

Follow ups
1.    What problems are young people facing nowadays?
2.    What problems people faced earlier and what they face nowadays.
3.    What problems are there apart from unemployment?
Questions on ambition
4.    Are young people ambitious?
5.    Why people don’t interact with each other?


  1. hello
    I took the exam last 30th of june(academic)here in baguio city, philippines..

    do you have the any questions on the speaking, writing as well as the listening and reading.. I need help
    please post if you still remember and how you respond on it..

  2. I cannot reply to your comments till you leave your e-mail with your comment or mail me directly at

  3. i just mail you..thank you for the responds..

  4. i m going to take my ielts exams on 11th of August in London..plz if anybody have some suggestion..share with me.

  5. sir, u r doing great job through this site ... it is awesome site ... i got many things from this site ... i just want request u, could u plz upload latest reading test, which came in the exams ... thanks a lot .. wish u live long !

  6. hi mam...m aditi from panchkula..i want to give my ielts exam. will you please help me what are the important points to be kept in mind while preparing and giving ielts exam? can mail me at my mail id thank you