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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Guess work - cue cards for Sept 2012

Important cue cards for September and October ( For some sample answers visit
Cue Card
Talk about a holiday or vacation you spent in a group of other people. Please say
- How was it?
- Where was it?
- What was so nice about it?
Talk about your favorite movie. Please say
- What movie is that?
- What is it about?
- Why do you like it?
- How does it make you feel?
Describe what kind of exercises people do in your country.
- What exactly do they do?
- Where do they usually do it?
- Why do they do these particular exercises?
Describe an item you would buy if you received a large amount of money. Pleases say:
- What is it?
- Why would you buy it?
- How would you feel about buying this item?
Describe a sporting event that you enjoyed watching. Please say:
- What was the event?
- Where did you watch it?
- Whom did you watch it with?
- Why did you enjoy watching it?
Describe a present you have given to someone recently. Please say:
- What was it?
- Why did you choose it?
- How did the person feel about it?
Talk about science subjects that you learned in high school. Please say
- What subjects did you learn?
- Did you like any of these subjects?
- Describe your teachers.
Describe an event of history that you remember.
Talk about your leisure time. Please say
- Where do you spend it?
- Whom do you spend it with?
- Do you enjoy spending it this way?
A TV program you watch regularly
-    What is the program
-    At what time it is telecast
-    Why you like it
Describe your first day in college, university or a new job.
Describe a happily married couple that you know. Please say
- Who are they?
- How did you meet them?
- Why do you think they are so happy?
What means of transportation would you choose for yourself: a car, a motorcycle or a bicycle? Explain why you would prefer this particular option.
What kind of vehicle would you like to buy in the future?
- Why would you like to you use it?
-    With whom do you use it?
Describe a birthday party that you or your friend threw. Please say
- When was the party?
- Who was invited to the party?
- What did you enjoy at the party the most?
- What was so interesting there?
Describe your neighbour that you once had.
A team, club or group you joined
Talk about a famous person in your country. Please say:
- Who is he/she?
- What is he/she doing?
- Why is he/she so famous?
What job would you like to do?
-    What skills do you need in that job?
-    Why do you like that job?
Cue Card
Talk about the most difficult thing that you have done recently. Please say
- What was it?
- What skills did you need to do it?
- Why was it important to you to finish this task?
Describe a journey which you made as a child
Describe a beautiful place of nature that you want to visit. Please say
- Where is it?
- Whom are you going with?
- What can you see there?


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