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Thursday, May 26, 2011

IELTS letter - You organized for a relative a 90th birthday party in a hotel, many elderly guests attended this party which is of great success. Write a letter to thank the hotel manager. In your letter: - Give the details of the party - The reason why the party was so successful - Mention a staff who helped you a lot

Dear Sir,

I celebrated my aunt’s 90th birthday at your hotel on 6th April. It was a great success and it was all because of your excellent services. Thank you so much for everything.

The party was on 6th April at 7.30pm. There were about 100 guests. I had invited all my relatives and family friends. There were many elderly people in the party. Three of my elderly guests were on wheelchairs. I had meant this party as a surprise for my aunt. We had some games like musical chairs which were enjoyed by all.

All your staff was very co-operative but I must specially thank Mr Rohit Bali for the special care and attention he gave to all my guests. Every guest was looked after. There was soft music in the background and a lot of snacks. The preparations were very delicious.
The snacks reached each and every table and even the cake cutting ceremony was very nicely arranged.

Thank you once again for your co-operation due to which my party was a memorable one.

Yours faithfully,

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