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Friday, May 20, 2011

IELTS letter - Your company has sent you to an English speaking country to do a course. You have finished it and got a certificate which unfortunately you have lost. Write a letter to the college principal to issue a duplicate certificate. write - An explanation of how you lost that certificate - Tell him why the certificate is important to you - What you want them to do

Dear Sir,

My name is Mohit Bhasin and I work for Dell International, India. I am writing this letter to request a duplicate certificate for the ‘Business Administration’ course which I did in your college in 2010.

I did the ‘Certificate Course in Business Administration’ in your college from January to July 2010. I got the certificate also but as I travelled back to India, the British Airways misplaced my baggage. I got my baggage after 5 days and when I opened it many things were missing including the certificate.

This certificate is very important for me as my promotion is based on this course and that certificate is a proof that I have done the course.

I am sending a self-addressed and stamped envelope along with this letter. I would be very thankful if you issue me a duplicate certificate and post it as early as possible.

Thanking you in anticipation!

Yours faithfully,

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