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Monday, May 23, 2011

IELTS letter - Write a letter to a college Principal, where you attended one day computer course and are unhappy about the way it was conducted. Explain the type of course, what happened and what can be done that it never happen again

Dear Sir,

I recently attended a one day course on ‘Computer Basics’ in your college. I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction about the manner in which this course was conducted.

I enrolled in this course after reading an advertisement about it in the local Daily. Naturally, I was very enthusiastic about the course because even though I hold a Master’s degree in Philosophy, I am computer illiterate. But, I am sorry to say that even after doing the course; I feel I have gained nothing. You enrolled 30 students and you provided only five computers and only one instructor. I could get my hands on the computer for only ten minutes and my one-to-one interaction with the instructor was not more than five minutes.

You are charging a huge fee for the course and not providing value-for-money. It is my humble request to either increase the number of instructors or decrease the number of students you enrol for any particular day. I would be very grateful if you allow me to attend this course once again without charging any extra fee.

Hoping to hear from you soon regarding this matter! You may contact me at 9888195776, in case you need any further clarification.

Yours faithfully,

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