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Saturday, May 21, 2011

IELTS letter - An Australian company offers money to foreign students to study in Australia. Write a letter to the company. - Introduce yourself - Say what do you want to study - How the money will help you.

Dear Sir,

I recently read about a scholarship programme that you are offering students from other countries to study in Australia. I would like to be considered for the scholarship. I am enclosing my resume for this matter.

My name is Indroop Singh and I belong to India. I have done my Bachelor’s of Computer Engineering from IIT Chennai and now I want to do masters in the same field from University of Melbourne. I have always been a topper in my class and I have heard that you encourage meritorious students. The fee for the graduate course is very high and if I don’t receive funding then I shall not be able to continue my studies.

The scholarship I receive from you will help me to study further and also ease some burden off my parents’ shoulders. I will be able to concentrate on my studies more as I will not have to find any part time job.

You may contact my professors at IIT Chennai in case you need to ask anything about me. My contact number is 9888195776, if you have anything to clarify from me.

Yours faithfully,
Indroop Singh

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