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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

IELTS letter - Write a letter to give feedback to local council on tourist facility condition, suggestion on how to improve the situation and why this is important to the people.

Dear Sir,

On behalf of the residents of Model town Phagwara, I am writing this letter to appraise you with the sorry state of affairs of the tourist facilities which are there in our city.

As you know very well, our city Phagwara is a popular tourist destination. There are two Sikh Temples and a very ancient Shiva temple. Every year thousands of people from all over India flock to see these historical and religious places. Unfortunately, the facilities in these places are not up-to-date. The road that leads to the Shiva Temple has so many pits that accidents are very common. The drinking water supply is also not proper. Petty crime like chain and purse snatching is very common and the authorities seem to be doing nothing about it.

It is very important to tackle these problems on a war footing. New roads must be built and the security in these areas needs to be improved so that the tourists can roam about without fear of being looted. All this is very important to the people of our city because many businesses depend on these tourists. They provide a lot of revenue to the people and the economy of our city thrives on tourism.

Hoping for a positive response from you regarding this matter!

Yours faithfully,

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