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Thursday, May 26, 2011

IELTS letter - Write a letter to your friend who asked you to give some suggestion to his son is coming to your country. Tell him which city he should go to, how he can get a job, and how he can make friends.

Dear Elaine,

Hope this letter finds you in radiant health and the best of spirits. It was such a pleasant surprise to know that your son is coming to my country, India on a ‘Holiday Work Maker’ visa. It is an honour for me that you have asked for my suggestions and I would be only too happy to guide him.

Chandigarh is a very nice city and the job opportunities are also in plenty. My son, Indroop, works for Delta International at Chandigarh. You know very well that my son Indroop is almost the same age your son Richard. Indroop lives as a paying guest in sector 35 and the people with whom he is staying are very nice. If Richard chooses to stay in Chandigarh, he could also stay there.

As far as job is concerned there are a few employment agencies and you have to register with them. Normally, one does not have to wait for long before getting a good job, provide you have the necessary qualifications. Making friends is also not a big issue in Chandigarh. There are a lot of places where young people hang out in the evenings. Moreover, Indroop will always be there with him.

Hoping to see Richard soon!

Yours lovingly,

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