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Thursday, May 26, 2011

IELTS letter - You are a member of a sports club located in an old building. The manager asked you to suggest some improvements to the building. Write a letter to your manager and say - Why the club is important to you - What improvements should be made in the building and - How these changes would benefits the members

Dear Sir,

I am a life member of your Leo Sports Club. I am writing this letter in response to the notice you have sent to all the members to suggest improvements in the building.

This club is very important for me. I have been a member for the past ten years. I regularly come there with my family to play snooker and do swimming. However, I do agree that the building is in a very bad state and needs a lot of renovation.

The whole building needs a fresh coat of paint. The changing rooms too need a few changes. The bolts on the doors and windows are all broken as a result of which anyone can budge into the room while we are changing. To add to it, the curtains are so dirty that they smell. The urinals attached to the changing rooms also stink. The dust bins are also very dirty. The swimming pool also needs a new filter system.

All these changes would benefit all the members. Many members are not renewing their membership because of the problems. If these renovations are done then this sports club could get back its original glory.

Hoping for a careful consideration of these suggestions!

Yours faithfully,
Kuldeep Singh

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