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Monday, May 30, 2011

Speaking memories 29th May 2011

1.     What is your full name?
2.     May I see your identification?
3.     Where is your home town?
4.     What things you like about you house or apartment?
5.     What changes you would like to do in your house
6.     Why do people sit together for meals?

7.     What is the major influence on children of eating together?
8.     What do you watch on TV?
9.     How much TV did you watch in childhood?
10.         What do children like to watch on TV?
Cue card
What type of clothes you like to wear
-         From where do you buy the clothes
-         What things you consider while buying clothes
-         Why you like these clothes
-         How often you go for shopping
Follow ups
1.     How much you spend on your clothes?
2.     How do you come to know about the latest fashion?
3.     What do clothes express about a person?
4.     To what extent should we follow fashion?
5.     What sort of clothes are popular in India?
6.     What is the major influence when we choose clothes?
7.     Do you think it is good to spend a lot of money on clothes?
8.     In your country, how much importance is given to clothes?

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