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Monday, May 30, 2011

IELTS speaking memories May 18th 2011

What is your full name?
Are you working or are you a student?
Why do you want to continue this job?
Do you like colours? Why?
Do colours have importance in your country?
Do you choose colours while buying things? Why?

Which colour you do not want in your home? Why?
Why do people have meals together?
Is there a culture in your country to enjoy meals together?
Do you follow this tradition in your country?

Cue card

Talk about the interesting or unusual activity that you did in your free time
-         What was it
-         With whom you did this activity
-         What was interesting or unusual in it

Follow ups
How you spend your free time?
How do children spend free time in your country?
What children do in their free time?
What parents do in their free time?
How people spend free time?
Do you think people in the present time enjoy more free time than in the past?
Children should spend their free time with their parents of all alone?

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