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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

IELTS letter - Write a letter to the television channel Manager about boring programs during the day time. Tell him about the programs, give suggestions.

Dear Sir,

I have been a loyal viewer of your “Colours’ channel for years. I generally appreciate your choice of programmes. Of all the local channels, your channel has been the most substantial. But, unfortunately, for the last two months, the afternoon programmes have become very boring and dull.

Earlier in the afternoon there used to be chat shows and comedy shows which many used to enjoy. But now you have started soaps which are too dull and boring. They just seem to drag, day after day. The stories are so unrealistic that it is difficult not to change channels at that time.

Afternoon is the time when children are home from school. Your talk shows provided a lot of knowledge and the comedy shows provided a lot of laughter to them. I therefore request you to revert back to your earlier shows or we shall have to begin our search for a new channel.

Hoping for a positive response from you regarding this matter!

Yours faithfully,

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