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Monday, May 23, 2011

IELTS letter - Write a letter to local newspaper editor, to inform him that article about city/town you know very well which contains some incorrect information - write how you know that city - what incorrect information article contains - what they should do about that

Dear Sir,

My name is Raghav Bharadwaj from Jalandhar, Punjab. I recently read an article in your esteemed daily which had some news related to another city, Phagwara, which I know is not correct.

I do not belong to Phagwara, but my in-laws live there and I visit them very often. In fact I know it as well as my home town. I know about each and every historical place and worth-seeing place of this city.

In the 12th December issue of The Tribune there was an article that there is a temple of Lord Shiva which is about 50 years old. This temple is not just 50 years old; it is more than 150 years old. I have been to that temple many times and I know the history and the religious significance of this temple.

The information in your article may have been just a misprint but still I feel you must correct it and re-post the article with the correct information. Your paper has a lot of circulation and so it will help people get the right information.

Hoping to read the article again with the correct information!

Yours faithfully,

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