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Saturday, May 21, 2011

IELTS letter - A friend had a new born baby, you have picked up a present for the baby and want to visit to give it to him / her. Write a letter to – - Congratulate your friend. - Tell him why you picked up the mentioned present. - Suggest arrangements for the visit.

Dear Kalyani,

Last week I heard the news of your beautiful baby girl. Congratulations to you and Anshul and baby Gia. I am so happy for the three of you.

I have bought a crib for your baby. I went to the ‘Toys R Us’  store to look for some gift for the baby and my eyes fell on this crib. It is of Graco company and can be converted into a toddler bed later on. I know it will be very useful for a long time to come. Immediately I bought it and now am waiting for an opportunity to visit you to hand you over the gift.

I was wondering if next weekend would be fine to visit you. I can come on Saturday or Sunday. Please let me know what time would be more convenient for you. Please contact me at 9888195776 to finalise the time.

Hoping to see you soon!

Yours lovingly,

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