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Monday, May 23, 2011

IELTS letter - You have been offered a job overseas that you applied for. Write a letter to your friend who already knows about that job as well - tell what kind of job is it - explain why you applied for this job - ask your friend about the country

Dear Elaine,

Hope this letter finds you in radiant health and the best of spirits. I applied for a job in Barklay’s Bank in Leeds and have received their job offer. I heard that you have also worked in the same bank last year.

My job is in their insurance section. It mainly involves meeting people and convincing them of our insurance policies. It also has a lot of field work. I have done an MBA in finance and my resume was very impressive. That is why, perhaps, I got the job. The pay package is also very good.

I applied for this job because I have good communication skills and I love meeting people. The field work involved in this job would help me in developing my network. Ultimately, I would love to open my own company and this experience would help me a lot.

Do tell me something about the country and the people there. What sort of weather I shall have to face and what sort of accommodation I should look for.

Do convey my regards to your parents. Hoping to hear from you soon!

Yours lovingly,

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