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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Describe what type of books you prefer the most (Novels, Sports, Travel Books)? Please say: Why do you like this particular genre? - When did you first discover it?

I am fond of reading books.
I read novels, magazines and story books.
My favourite genre of books is novels.
I like novels because they relax me and entertain me.
They have interesting stories which are fictional and I like to read such books.
I generally read Punjabi novels
My favourite authors are Amrita Pritam and Nanak Singh
I liked the novel Pinjar written by Amrita Pritam
Literally, pinjar means skeleton
It is based on the plight of women during the days of partition
I also liked Pavitar Paapi written by Nanak Singh
It means the innocent sinner
Both these novels have been converted to movies and have been great hits I discovered my love for novels when I was in 10th class. My friend gifted me the novel by Nanak Singh on my birthday
I don't get much time to read novels these days because I am preparing to go abroad for my higher studies
Whenever I start reading a novel then I forget everything else and I repent later on
So, nowadays I just flick through the pages of some magazines in my free time

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