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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Talk about the climate in your country, you should say: - How hot or cold is the climate? - How much rain do you get?

• Climate refers to the long term atmospheric condition.
• Indian weather and climate conditions are very diverse and can reach extremes.
• The climate of India is essentially a temperate one.
• India lies to the north of Equator, so the southern part of India is usually much warmer than the rest of India.
• Also, water bodies lie on three sides thus giving some parts a coastal climate.
• The weather of India changes every now and then thus giving the people the much-needed relief from the extreme weather conditions.
• We have four seasons based on the climate.
• Summer, winter, autumn and spring
• The duration of summer in India is from April to September.
• It is very hot in the summer months.
• We have the monsoons during summer which last from July to August.
• We have rains in the monsoon season which brings some relief from the extreme heat of summers.
• The winters in India can get really chilly.
• It becomes bone chilling during the months of November to February.
• The northern part of India experiences harsh weather conditions
• The hilly areas experience sub-zero temperature conditions.
• Spring lasts from end of February to beginning of April. It is very pleasant in the spring season.
• It marks the end of winter and the beginning of summer
• Autumn lasts from the end of September to the beginning of November.
• It marks the end of summer and the beginning of winter
• The trees shed their leaves in autumn.
• My favourite season is winter

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