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Thursday, May 19, 2011

You recently visited a foreign country and got some information at the Tourist Information Centre. The information given to you was wrong. Write a letter to the centre manager and explain - What was the information required? - How was the wrong information provided? - What problems did you have because of this?

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to complain about the problems I faced because of the wrong information that was provided at your Tourist Information Centre. My name is Jatinder Singh Gulati and I was on a ten day trip to New York fro 10th to 17th April 2010.

I reached New York on 10th April with my family and I wanted to know all the sightseeing available in New York. Your people told me about all the places such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and a museum. I asked them specifically if there were any special timings or days to visit these places, but I was told that everything was available every single day and there were no special timings. I also asked them about some economical places to stay and they told me that Dave’s Inn was the cheapest and best.

I stayed with my family at Dave’s Inn and we chalked out our plan of visiting all these places. When we went to see the museum on Saturday, the 16th of April, we were told that the museum is closed on Saturdays. The next day was our return, so we could not see the museum at all. We also came to know from other sources that there are economical lodges which include breakfast and at half the price of Dave’s Inn. It was not right on the part of your people to guide tourists in such way just for some commission they get from Dave’s Inn. I spent double the amount and I also could not see the museum which I really wanted to see.

Please look into the matter and firmly reprimand your staff against doing such malpractices so that other tourists are not misguided in the future.

Yours faithfully,
Jatinder Singh

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