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Thursday, May 19, 2011

You have arranged a plan for travel and accommodation for your friends. Write a letter to them and - remind them about the plans, - give them the details of accommodation, - suggest what things they should bring to the trip

Dear Harish and Madan,

Hope this letter finds you in radiant health and the best of spirits. I am writing this letter to remind you about our plan of visiting Goa next month.

When we met at the class reunion last month, we talked about visiting Goa in March. I have made all the arrangements. I have booked our train tickets from Delhi. I have also booked hotel Delmon in Panaji for the entire period. It is a very nice hotel and is very near the Calangute beach.

We shall be visiting the various beaches in Goa and also the churches. There is also a two hours cruise which is very good as I have heard from my uncle who has been there many times. We shall also be doing various water activities on the beaches. The climate in Goa is very pleasant in the month of March, so you need to bring cool cotton clothes and of course your swimsuits with you.

Looking forward to seeing you at Delhi railway station on the 12th of March!

Yours lovingly,

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