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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Write a letter to a sports club. Tell them you are not satisfied with the service and have already let them know about it. Write - what exactly is wrong with their service - what happened after you complained the first time - what you want the club to do after your letter

Dear sir,

I am a life member of your sports centre. I am writing for the second time to complain about the sub-standard quality of services provided by your club.

The changing rooms are in a very bad shape. The bolts on the doors and windows are all broken as a result of which anyone can budge into the room while we are changing. To add to it, the curtains are so dirty that they smell. The urinals attached to the changing rooms also stink. The dust bins are also very dirty.

My first complaint has fallen on deaf ears. On behalf of all the members, I request you to look into the matter urgently. We all feel very disgusted at the services we are receiving. We have all paid a very heavy membership fees and we feel that we deserve the best.

I would suggest you to call in a plumber and a carpenter to rectify the sanitary and wooden fittings. The curtains need to be changed. Last but not least, I would urge you to make regular inspections of the changing rooms so that the staff members, who are in charge of the mopping and cleaning, do their work properly.

Hoping for a prompt action from you regarding this matter!

Yours faithfully,

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