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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Describe a story that is famous in your country. You should say: - what the story is, - where and when you heard about it, - how people in your country know about this story. - explain why you and your country like this story.

• There are a number of stories that are popular in my country
• Like the thirsty crow, the greedy dog, unity is strength and so on
• Here I would like to talk about a story which is very popular in not just my country but in the whole world.
• It is the story of a thirsty crow
• I heard it so many times from my grandmother in my childhood.
• It was also there in my KG book
• People in my country know about this story through the elderly at home and through school books
• Everyone likes this story because it teaches moral values of life in a simple and interesting way
• Now I would like to tell the story
• Once upon a time there was a crow.
• The crow was very intelligent.
• One day it became very thirsty.
• It wanted to quench its thirst.
• It looked for water everywhere.
• But nowhere could it find the water.
• Then it found a pitcher with a little water at the bottom.
• The crow could not reach the water.
• It pondered and immediately hit upon an idea.
• It gathered pebbles and dropped them in the pitcher.
• The water level rose.
• It drank the water and quenched its thirst.
• The moral of the story is that at the time of adversity you’ve to use your wits.

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