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Thursday, May 19, 2011

You are working in a company. You would like to join a training course related to your work. Write a letter to your employer. In your letter :- - describe what course you would like to do - how this course might help in your work - suggest suitable time for you to do this course

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to request you to send me for a course that I would like to attend as part of my work. I am working as a Junior Sales executive in Mankoo IT Solutions. The course I would like to do is a six month Certificate in Computer Hardware.

Our company basically deals with software development. We develop software for our clients and then as part of our after-sale service, we help them use the software effectively. In doing so, sometimes we face hardware problems such as those with the RAM or hard disk. That is why I would like to do this course. After doing the course I would feel more confident and I will be able to serve our clients even better.

Sir, I would like to suggest that you provide the training for the course within the office premises after the office hours. That way, I would not have to take a leave of six months. In the long run it would benefit the company a lot.

Hoping for a prompt action from you regarding this matter!

Yours faithfully,

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