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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Describe an important conversation you had, you should say: - what it was about, - whom you had it with, - why it was important.

• I’ve had many conversations in life
• Some were on phone and some were face-to-face
• Here I’m going to talk about a conversation which I had with my friend kulwinder last month
• In those days he had come from Australia on holiday
• He came to visit me and we chatted with each other for two hours
• This conversation was important for me because it brought a turning point in my life
• I asked him about his studies in Australia
• He told me that the quality of education is very good there
• I asked him about the problems he faced there
• He told me that initially he faced some food problems, but now he is comfortable there
• I asked him how he managed his finances
• He told me that most of the students earn by doing part time jobs
• He too did a job at a restaurant and managed his fees and living expenses
• He painted a rosy picture of Australia in front of me
• I too was motivated to study there
• As you know madam, that IELTS is a pre-requisite to study abroad
• So, here I am in front of you , taking the IELTS
• My friend has offered to help me if I go there
• He will also help me in finding a good part-time job

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