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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


·         One of my hobbies is surfing the net and I have visited many sites.
·         One useful website is
·         My friend told me about this site.
·         It is educational, family friendly, safe for kids and adults and above all it is very easy to navigate.
·         I check my e-mail regularly on My e-mail ID is
·         I also have yahoo messenger which helps me to chat online with my friends and relatives who also have this messenger.
·         Sometimes I play games online.
·         My favourite game is Word Racer.
·         It is a vocabulary building game.
·         I have learnt many new words through it.
·         Yahoo answers is a forum on this site where you can ask any question and you will get replies from all over the world.
·         Yahoo maps is a link on this site through which you can locate any place of the world.
·         There is also an astrology link on this site.
·         You can do a lot of online shopping at yahoo.
·         You can search for jobs at yahoo jobs. You can read the latest news and the latest advertisements.
·         There is something for everyone on this site. I think this is a complete site in itself. 

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