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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A course you would like to do in future

·         I course I would like to take up is dancing
·         It is something I really wish to learn
·         Whenever there is any get-together or party, I really feel envious of those who can dance well
·         They seem to add life to the party.
·         The others feel left out
·         India is a diverse country
·         So many genres of dance are there like Kathak, Bharat-Natyam, Kuchipudi, Bhangra, Giddha and the Modern dance which is a blend of the above with the western dance.
·         I would like to learn the steps of Punjabi folk dances Bhangra and Giddha first
·         These steps blend well with the modern film songs played at marriages and parties
·         Folk dances keep us connected with our culture and tradition
·         They also bring people together
·         Dancing brings grace and co-ordination to the body
·         Dancing keeps us physically and mentally fit
·         Now-a-days we lead sedentary lives because machines do most of our work
·         So dancing is a good way to work-out
·         Dancing brings out our creativity and by learning dances of other cultures we can learn about them
·         If I learn dance nicely then maybe I get a chance to be in one of the talent shows and become famous overnight
·         So definitely dance is a skill I would like to learn
·         Moreover, now-a-days choreographers are earning handsome money
·         Maybe I could turn it into a profession one day

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