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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Story of A Film (‘Pinjar’)

·         I have seen many films in my lifetime but here I am going to talk about Pinjar, which is based on a novel written by Amrita Pritam
·         She was a famous Punjabi writer
·         The film is based on the plight on the plight of women during the partition of India
·         Pinjar literally means skeleton
·         It is the story of a young hindu girl Puro who lives with her family happily
·         She is engaged to Ramchand
·         One day Puro is kidnapped by Rashid
·         Actually Rashid’s aunt was once kidnapped by Puro’s family and Rashid wants to take revenge
·         After kidnapping Puro, Rashid falls in love with her
·         One day Puro somehow escapes from Rashid’s captivity and comes back home
·         Her family does not accept her because they think she is not chaste any more
·         Unfortunately, her brother Trilok, who loves her a lot is not home at that time
·         She returns to Rashid and gets married to him
·         When trilok returns home he burns Rashids farm and crop.
·         Meanwhile, Puro is very unhappy with life and becomes a Pinjar, Skeleton
·         Then partition is announced
·         Lajjo, Puro’s sister-in-law is kidnapped by muslims
·         Rashid helps Puro find her
·         Puro falls in love with Rashid because of his goodness
·         Rashid gives her the option to go to her family in India but she refuses
·         The film ends on a happy note

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