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Friday, November 6, 2009

Future Plan

·         Every human being makes plans for the future
·         In the same way, I too have made some plans for my future
·         My immediate future plan is to go abroad for my higher studies
·         I want to go to London for my higher studies
·         That is why I am taking IELTS
·         I want to do a course in hotel management
·         This is the fastest growing industry nowadays
·         There are a lot of job opportunities in this field
·         It is a highly lucrative profession
·         This profession is very popular all over the world
·         My brother who lives in London told me about this course
·         He has searched some colleges for me
·         He told me the value of this course over there
·         My dream is to open a hotel
·         Through this course, I will learn about the different sections and departments within the hotel industry
·         All my family members are involved in this plan
·         They are saving money for my study abroad
·         My ultimate future plan is to open a hotel in my home town
·         My family will join me in this venture

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