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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Describe A Landscape

Ÿ  Well ma’am, a landscape is an area of space we look at from a given point.
Ÿ  There are 2 types of landscapes - natural and man made.
Ÿ  India is a diverse country and there is a diversity of natural landscapes also found in India.
Ÿ  There are the mountains ,valleys ,plains, plateaus and deserts in India.
Ÿ  Here I am going to talk about the landscape surrounding Sukhna lake at Chandigarh.
Ÿ  Actually Chandigarh is a very contrasting mix of concrete and greens.
Ÿ  For instance you have the complex of sector 17 and then you have the Sukhna lake.
Ÿ  You can see the waters of Sukhna lake in the foreground with the picturesque Kasauli hills in the background.
Ÿ  Very often you can see people boating in the lake.
Ÿ  Other activities can also be seen.

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